People for Optimum Social Health and Nutrition (POSHAN)


In the present era of abundant choices and rapid social development, implying sufficient availability, MALNUTRITION, is shocking and painful. Malnutrition affects babies, the newly born, who are unable to fend for themselves and require great care and compassion to live a healthy life.

The menace of Malnutrition is wide spread in the underdeveloped and developing countries. India, which is a rapidly developing economy, accounts for a large number of under nourished children.

The causes and effects of Malnutrition have been widely studied and documented. The need to tackle it is also well established.

Touched by the large number of children suffering because of malnutrition, the people at POSHAN, have got together, like many others, to fight the menace.

POSHAN follows the golden principle of “Prevention is better than Cure” POSHAN’s efforts have been well received by pregnant mothers. Encouraged by the success, POSHAN is rapidly expanding services in states across India.

POSHAN is driven by a team of dedicated, committed and talented individuals who have each been extremely successful in their respective profession. They cumulatively bring together immense expertise from a wide area of operation essential for success of POSHAN.

POSHAN - A, NGO  registered in Jaipur, is located at -  304, Garden View Apartment, B-42, Prabha Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur – 302004, Rajasthan, India.