People for Optimum Social Health and Nutrition (POSHAN)

  • To tackle the menace of Malnutrition at source.
  • To educate pregnant women to maintain high level of hygiene, pre and post delivery.
  • To supplement lactating mothers diet with nutritious food.
  • To help in maintaining baby hygiene.



POSHAN became operational on November 01, 2014, with a simple step of feeding pregnant women with a glass of milk daily, at 13 (Thirteen)  Aganwadi centres located in and around Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The methodology adopted was kept simple so that maximum number of pregnant women would willingly join and gain from this initiative. Pregnant women who visited the Aganwadi centre on a daily basis were given  approx 200ml of fortified milk daily, to be consumed at the centre. The women were not allowed to take the bottle of milk home.

Weight of pregnant women was recorded on a monthly basis from the time of joining the initiative. This was done to get some quantitative inputs on the benefit of this programme.

To ensure baby hygiene a baby kit was provided to would be mother, just before delivery date. The mothers were educated on the need and benefits of maintaining hygiene standards both for mother and child.

To ensure continuing nutritious diet post delivery, POSHAN continues to provide fortified milk to lactating mothers for a period of 3 months. POSHAN shall shortly provide Ayurvedic formulations in the form of Ladoos for a period of two weeks immediately after delivery.

As more and more women joined the initiative, Poshan expanded its activity to other Aganwadi centres in Rajasthan.